Customer Testimonials

Family owned and sense of humor.  You've got to appreciate someone willing to go into business for themselves and have a sense of humor about it.  I've investigated many radiant barrier solutions and found this to be the best available and at a reasonable price.  Very professional staff performed the work.  True to the advertising of the radiant barrier, my house is easier to keep cool and my electric bill went down from June to July, when it would normally have gone up.  Can't wait to see how August looks... When it's time to roof, I'll be calling the Pirates!

I had being harassed by the Storm Chasers (Contractors) in my neighborhood about my roof having hail damage.  At their direction, I filed a claim and then decided to use a separate roofing company for a more objective opinion in conjunction with my Insurance Company.  I chose Pirate Roofing (Jon)....he agreed to meet with my insurance adjuster without a contract or craziness.  The meeting was amazing pleasant between both adjusters and they both concluded  that I had no significant damage to warrant roof replacement.  Unlike what the Storm Chaser Company told me. What made my day was that I was referred to Pirate Roofing by my Insurance Agent.  John @ Pirate Roofing was extremely pleasant, on-time, and fully explained the real state of my roof.  Good old fashioned Customer Service....let's bottle that and sell it.

After discovering that it was raining both outside of my home and in my kitchen, I needed to find a roofer to come tarp my roof until my insurance could send their adjuster out to assess the damages.  My first contractor refused to put a tarp up and left, leaving me in the lurch.  On a glowing recommendation from a coworker, I called Pirate Roofing and explained the situation.  Despite the heavy work load, John made time to get to my house quickly and put a temporary patch on the roof for a fair price.  He also did a thorough examination and is willing to work with my insurance company's schedule if I'd like to work with him to do any repairs.  He was friendly, understanding and fair and that is more than a lot of contractors out there right now!!  Thank you guys so much!!

I just wanted to send this note to Pirate Roofing to show my sincere appreciation for the effort and patience that Stephen has put into getting my roof fixed since we started this frustrating journey in June.  Stephen has kept me on track, assisting me with calling the Insurance company, dealing with the adjuster, advocating (on my behalf) with the insurance company to correct mistakes and now assisting me with the mountain of paperwork the mortgage company is requiring of me to submit in order to get the check endorsed.

It has been almost 3 months and we still don't have the physical money, it is frustrating and infuriating.  For a single mother of 2, time is precious and I have invested ENOUGH of my time on dealing with the bureaucracy involved with this process (insurance company and mortgage company).  Stephen has seen my frustration all along and has been at the ready at every step to help me.  This may be part of the job or it may be him truly helping me out, but either way I can't thank him enough!  If he didn't take charge and help me get this last hurdle of paperwork sent out and filled out correctly I was ready to throw the towel in!

Thank you Stephen, seriously, I know we haven't even gotten the work started yet, but seriously your attention and service thus far has been amazing!  You treat me like an old friend not just a client and it is very much appreciated and noted!  The quick respone on my fence was enough to win my loyalty, this is just above and beyond.  Pirate Roofing is lucky to have you and I am so glad Alan nudged me to Pirate Roofing.

Kind Regards,
Kianna C.

We live in Garland, and in mid-December 2011 we had our roof repaired by your company. Josh Kelly was our contact and he also had an assistant (didn't catch his name). I just wanted to say that Josh is GREAT. They did a great job for us and we will definitely be sharing your company's information with our family and friends. Josh was professional, friendly, helpful and always responded quickly when we called him with a question. GREAT JOB PIRATE ROOFING!!!


 "Jonathan did a great job on my gutters. I even hired him on two different occasions. He was considerably better value than the other options, they did a great job and was a pleasure to work with as well. Highly professional and competent. I highly recommend his roofing and gutter services." 


Pirate Roofing Radiant Barrier Company is AMAZINGLY AWESOME! What a great group of guys! They set the bar for Christian businesses. Thanks for the ad on KLTY. I couldn't be more pleased! 

Jean M. (Murphy Texas)

The day Pirate Roofing installed the radiant barrier in our home the house temperature was 76 degrees and stayed that way all day, the AC rarely came on. And it felt really cold! To make matters even better we had (company name removed due to copyright) come out and they wanted $4009.67 to spray on the barrier and add 10 inches of un-needed insulation, Pirate Roofing came in with their bid of $2100.00! Don't call anyone else, these guys are tops!

OK.......... time to give an update.  Jon installed the Foil type Radiant Barrier for us last Friday morning. I'm happy to report that I can now keep my thermostat set at 78 where before we had to keep it set at 76 throughout the day. I can definitely feel the difference. This is the way to go people!   Pirate Roofing & Radiant Barrier are the guys to use. They were good, fast and efficient. Started about 7:30am and finished about 11am. Kudos to these guys! Got my Tax write off paperwork too!  Thanks Jon.

Mother Nature's wrath has it's benefits!  Because of the May storms we experienced in North Texas, we needed a new roof.  Because of recommendations from friends, we decided Pirate Roofing and  Radiant Barrier would be our contractor.  We were impressed with Jon Szilv's personal presentation and his concern for his customers. We decided while we were having the roof replaced, we would add the Radiant Barrier.  We were pleasantly surprised that we could tell the difference in the temperature of our house as they were installing the barrier.  We have not been disappointed with our triple digit temperatures this summer, our thermostat has stayed on the temperature that we have set it on day after day.  Last summer, it was constantly rising past 80 degrees! Now we can set it on 73 and it will matain that temperature even in the 105 degrees we are having this year.  Did we see a difference ? YES !

G McColley

"I have hired Jonathan on several occasions for roof replacement on my clients homes and also utilize his services for providing pre listing bids on distressed properties allowing me to provide accurate information to the mortgage companies.

He is always on time, very professional and provides competitive pricing. All of my clients have been very satisfied.

Scott Benson
Broker/ Owner
Scott Benson Realty"

My wife and I moved back to Texas from Colorado two years ago. At the time we were uneducated with regard to service providers. Jonathan was recommended to us as someone who could help with a number of projects on the house we purchased. The projects Jonathan completed for us included power vents, radiant barrier, and modifying vents on the roof over hang to facilitate airflow. The work managed and performed by Jonathan and his team was of impeccable quality and performed on time at a reasonable cost. Further, Jonathan and his team even did an outstanding job of clearing and removing waste. In summary, I would highly recommend Jonathan and his team. Jonathan far exceeded my expectations and even pleased my wife. I would highly recommend Jonathan and his team. For additional information please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

John Meredith
December 4, 2010

"I posted a month ago to say how pleased we were with the radiant barrier that was installed in our attic.  We are even more pleased after receiving our electric bill this month.  We have an older home almost 1800 sq. ft.  Our bill last month (July 08)was $684.90. I was beyond happy when opened our bill this month to see that it was significantly lower.  This month's bill was $316.70 (August 08).  We keep the thermostat set at 78 during the day and 76 at night.  To make our home more energy efficient, we still need to put in more weather stripping around our windows and doors, but I am absolutely amazed at the difference the radiant barrier itself has made.  Thanks so much Jon!!!"

Had seamless gutters installed Tuesday (A DAY EARLY) by Pirate Roofing and they are awesome. Jon is a pleasure to do business with and I plan on sending as many friends and business I can, his way!

Called about a leak in the roof of our living room. Jon came out crawled around in the attic and on the roof for a bit. Came down and said it was minor and he throw some tar on a suspicious nail in a seam......NO CHARGE...

Pirate Roofing has my business for life!

Plan on Seamless Gutters, Radiant Barrier, additional insulation and whatever other business i can throw their way.

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

"I had 3 quotes for radiant barrier and attic venting. Jon provided the lowest quote. His crew was there on time, and got the work done properly. Since installing radiant barrier and attic vents, our electric bill has gone down substantially. I would use his services in the future."

December 4, 2010

Pirate Roofing and Radiant Barrier installed radiant barrier in early May, I didn't think I would see a difference with our utility costs until at least August being that the temperature was relatively low. We received our bill for the past 30 days and it was 25% lower than the previous month, oddly enough the outside temperature has increased over the last 30 days  (but our bill was significantly lower) How great is that!

We had the seamless gutters installed years ago...4 years now? And also a roof repair at the same time where the previous roofing company left a huge dip in the roofing material that resulted in a leak in the bedroom ceiling. VERY prompt and great product/installation. It was pain-free and hassle-free home improvement, which is pretty rare. Even when hubby ran over the gutter downspouts with the riding mower Jon was quick to come out when I called for a replacement.

Jon just put gutters on my house and put in a radiant barrier, garage door insulation and a water heater tank wrap. He also did a little roof repair for me.I just wanted to give him a big rave. He is a great guy, does great work, worked around my schedule and did it all for a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

August 18, 2011

Jon, I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for the outstanding work your crew performed on my house this summer. The roof looks fantastic. I can't begin to tell you how happy my wife is with the fact that the shingles are perfectly placed and the new turbines actually match our homes paint scheme; outstanding work!

I know this is going to sound strange, but having the radiant barrier installed in my home was actually exciting. I have driven my family crazy walking around the house checking the temperature in each room. It actually got to the point where my wife actually told me to "knock it off". We can really tell a difference!

Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work, honesty and integrity!

Hopefully, I never need a roofer again, but if I do you will be the only roofer I call.

God Bless,





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