Radiant Barrier

What is a Radiant Barrier?  As described by EnergyStar, simply put a true Radiant Barrier is a material installed between your roof and living space that blocks a minimum 97% of the radiant heat that normally enters your home. This allows your home to stay cooler longer, your HVAC unit runs at a fraction of the time it used to and more of your hard earned money stays where it should...in your pocket.

I have heard of spray on Radiant Barriers, how is foil different?   EnergyStar does not rate "paint" barriers as true Radiant Barriers. The reason for this is due to the emmitance value of the material. The best spray on the market only blocks 75% of radiant heat (or in other terms, it allows 25% of the heat through) Our foil is rated number one by EnergyStar at 97% blockage (or 3% of heat allowed to pass through) EnergyStar only rates foils because as stated above, they do not recognize any spray barrier as a true Radiant Barrier.

Other than lowering my utility bills, how does Radiant Barrier help? Radiant Barrier Foil will help regulate the temperature in your home, say goodbye to the room that is just too hot in the summer, hot and cold spots and at the same time prolonging the life of your HVAC unit.

How long will it take to install in my home?  All homes are different, however to give you an idea it normally takes approximately 5 hours for a 2500  square foot attic.


The most effective energy saving product available. Don't get hosed by spray on barriers that don't work. Go with the most proven system in the world. Our product blocks 97% of the radiant heat (that's 22% more effective than any spray on the market!)

A little insight from the owner of Pirate Roofing & Radiant Barrier :

Myths/Partial truths and facts.

Fact : The absolute best spray on the market not watered down, applied at the exact thickness specs (rafters and decking covered) blocks 75% of radiant heat (and this has been tested on a smooth non porous surface) there are no real test numbers that show how it performs on osb decking ie: your roof decking.

Myth: Foil blocks cell phone signals, there are no studies that show this is an issue and I have never had a complaint regarding reception. (no problems in my house either, I actually get better reception)

Partial truth: Dust accumulation on the foil diminishes its effectiveness, this use to be true, a decade or so ago there was a foil on the market that was single sided (foil on one side, a kraft paper of sorts on the other, because it only worked on reflecting heat it would start losing effectiveness as dust accumulated. The latest foil (ours) is double sided. A double sided foil works with reflectivity as well as emmisivity, long story short...even if the foil did collect 2" of dust or more on the surface it will not allow more than .03% of radiant heat to pass through. This is why a double sided foil is guaranteed to block 97% of radiant heat.

Myth: Foil will increase shingle temperature more than spray,

Absolutely false, foil will increase shingle temperature by 2 degrees (as a longtime roofer I can testify that this is nowhere near significant) I do not have numbers on the spray barrier however being that it is applied to the decking directly I would only have to assume that it creates conductive heat by contact and has a greater temperature effect.

And lastly a very misleading advertising ploy by spray on companies...Spray is NOT energystar rated, it does not qualify as a true radiant barrier by definition and does NOT qualify for tax credits on it's own (this is why they give you a little blown in insulation and upsell you on even more even if you don't need it) Foil is Energystar rated and qualifies for  the tax credits (we provide that paperwork upon completion)

Pirate Roofing & Radiant Barrier - Lifetime warranty on labor and material. Honestly, the true savings on your energy bills in the summer on average are usually 25-30%, the most I have seen on one of our jobs was 52% (unusual but true)

We only use a 5mill, double sided 99% aluminum, perforated foil (you can't get a better foil...period) You cannot tear it, pull it apart etc, you can walk on it, store items on it etc.

I hope this gives insight to any questions you may have, thank you for visiting our website and please feel free to call with any questions you may have.        

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